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Jay knew about Q2 GDP

Here is the single most important excerpt from Jay’s press conference on Wednesday: …as it relates to September, I said that another unusually large increase could be appropriate. But that’s not a decision we’re making now. It’s one that we’ll make based on the data...

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How about 100bps and an abandonment of forward guidance?

The most interesting outcome from the ECB meeting last week was not the larger-than-expected 50 bps hike, nor was it the unanimous decision to create an uncapped and ratings-free anti-fragmentation tool. Rather, it was the decision to completely ditch any and all...

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One month ago, just before the last FOMC meeting, I penned the following lines in a note entitled "Jay's Volcker Moment": Jay is going to act, and act aggressively!!! That surely brings 75bps into play on Wednesday. And one could make a very cogent argument for...

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